Company Bio

Almost half a million new businesses are created every month in the United States. This rate has been accelerating since the advent of ecommerce because of the relatively low financial risks. Even so, over the lifetime of any business, the growth rates have been fairly constant: 40% make money, 30% break even, and a final 30% are closing their doors.

One of the critical differences between these groups is the ability of a business to grow – to maintain the momentum that moves it from a concept into the realm of a real, functioning business, and Data One stands by your side, as your partner to guide that growth. Data One is an exceptionally well-educated organization that has a complete line of resources for payment processing solutions. We specialize first and foremost in Outstanding Customer Satisfaction, and offer a complete line of revenue generating products such as Credit and Debit Card Processing, Electronic Check Payment Processing, Gift and Loyalty Programs, ATM Machines and E-Commerce Solutions.

Our business is solid because of our staff and our service are solid. But, what defines our company most accurately are our values and our integrity.

Our Values

Data One exists to enhance the lives of our customers, employees, and owners by having fun and providing rewarding and fulfilling opporunities by being a positive influence in the world around us. we do so based on the following philosophy and values: