Face-to-Face Credit & Debit Card Processing

Imagine this situation: a customer enters your business and realizes they are limited to the things they can purchase or the services they can ask you for, because of the limited amount of cash they have in their pocket.

When your business is approved to accept credit cards, you give your consumers the abiity to shop more by providing them with more payment options. In fact, the average revenue difference between businesses which accept credit payments is 33% greater than those who do not.

So how does the process work? To get started, you must first apply for a merchant account. After the approval process, which typically involves a credit check, but takes only a few business days, you will then be ready to begin accepting sales via credit & debit cards.

Data One offers an extensive suite of point of sale processing options, including stand alone terminals, mobile apps, and online gateways. Once you have decided what fits your business best, and are setup. You will simply swipe your customers cards at the terminal inside your place of business so that the necessary information can be collected and forwarded to your credit card merchant account provider-Us. Our job is to accept the required information from your customers’ credit cards and forward that information to the card issuing bank in order for the transaction to be authorized. This is a crucial step in the payment process.

At this point, the bank which issued the card will make a determination regarding whether the card has sufficient available funds to allow the purchase. The customer’s transaction is then accepted or rejected based on that determination. This check is important because it not only ensures business owners do not lose protection on sales, but also allows an instantaneous check regarding whether credit cards have been reported stolen or lost in order to protect business owners as well as consumers. Once the issuing bank makes a decision, a response is then transmitted back to the processing company and subsequently back to your point of sale. All of this information is transmitted electronically and is typically completed within a matter of seconds.

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