Internet/E-Commerce Solutions

Credit card processing via the Internet is quickly gaining traction with merchants for its ease of use, speed, security and cost efficiency. At Data One, our web-based payment gateways combine the functionality of an electronic countertop terminal with the power to process transactions online. Merchants are able to accept credit and debit cards with a single integrated system that is flexible enough to add and change features as their needs change.

How Internet Credit Card Processing Works

Online credit card processing can handle card present (face-to-face retail) or card-not-present (CNP) transactions. The latter includes purchases made on a website, and by phone or mail order. The process – which is typically completed in just seconds – begins when credit card data is entered into the system either by swiping the card through a card reader, or by entering it manually on a keypad or web payment page. The information is transmitted securely through an Internet connection from the merchant to the processor, who passes it along to the card issuer/bank. The issuer authorizes or declines the transaction and notifies the processor. The processor sends the authorization to the merchant, who completes the sale and issues a receipt. Within 1-2 days, we deposit the proceeds from the sale into the merchant’s checking account.

Internet Credit Card Processing from Data One

As a merchant services provider, We have set up thousands of businesses across all industries with everything they need for Internet credit card processing, including merchant accounts, PCI-compliant hardware and software, and access to an industry leading gateway.
In addition to online credit card processing, Data One offers additional important features like: