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Our business has a proven record of providing award-winning support because we place the utmost importance in educating our staff, so they are always prepared to serve you.

Your Success Is Our Business

We specialize, first, in outstanding customer service and pride ourselves in offering a complete line of revenue-generating services to assist you in exceeding your business goals.

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Data One guides you from visualizing to achieving growth. Data One is an exceptionally well-equipped organization that offers the best solutions for your business needs.

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Our Values

Data One exists to enhance the lives of our customers, employees, and owners by having fun and providing rewarding and fulfilling opportunities by being a positive influence in the world around us.

Merchant Services Company

Business Solutions100%
Integrity 100%
Customer Service100%
Business Advisory100%

Why Choose Us?

State of the Art Solutions

Accept credit and debit card payments with our suite of advanced payments processing solutions and point of sales systems. With sleek designs and innovative technology, we make it easy for your customers to pay, while offering you complete control of your business through our customizable business management software options. Experience a smoother business operation from payroll and tax management to competitive sales tracking and – of course – inventory management. All of our systems accept swipe, EMV® chip cards and contactless payments including Apple Pay.

Lending Solutions

It’s really simple; in order to start, sustain, or scale your business, you will need money. Data One has simple and fast lending processes to provide you with the money you need, when you need it.

Up to $5,000,000
Approvals within 48 hours
Funded in less than a week
An immediate lump sum of cash
For small or large businesses

WAVit- Cost free processing = ZERO processing fees

Unlimited Credit Card Processing for one low fixed monthly payment!

How does it work?

WAVit is a cash discount program designed to allow merchants to offset high credit card processing fees. Utilize our technology to set a cash and credit price. For transactions where customers choose to pay with credit cards, the difference between the cash price and the credit price is automatically added as a standard adjustment to the total price.

Cost free processing = ZERO processing fees 

Accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover) 

Increase profitability 

No more confusing statements
No more confusing fees 

No more negotiating processing rates 

Pay the same, low, flat rate month to month! 



One of the critical differences between merchant services providers is the ability to help another business grow – to maintain the momentum that moves it from a concept into the realm of a real, functioning, business.  Data One stands by your side, as your partner, to guide that growth. Data One has a complete line of resources for lending, marketing, payment processing and other revenue-generating services. Primarily, Data One specializes in Outstanding Customer Satisfaction.

Our business is solid because our staff and our services are solid. What defines our company is our values and integrity.

Business Solutions
Lending Solutions
ZERO Processing Fees
Merchant Processing Solutions

Ready to Grow?

We simplify the process of business growth. Business owners, merchants, financial institutions, and governments around the world rely on Data One to deliver business solutions that help our customers thrive in an ever-changing world of commerce. Make the most of every transaction, with Data One!

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