90% of Payment Processing Fees, gone.

by implementing Cash
Discount Program.

If your business has a tight margin.
Dual pricing will Increase your profit.

What are other business owners saying?

"...But two years later what we are seeing is the ratio of savings to lost business far exceeds any and all worries. In some instances the savings is so dramatic it has turned an otherwise failing business to a business with a fighting chance."

CJ Black

"It allows the Merchant to pay a fixed monthly fee under $ 100 and the customer receives a small credit card usage fee."

Lan Kalish

"Owners are forced to spend more on all the special cleaning and the reduced capacity. If customers want their favorite place to survive then they should be understanding of a small convenience fee just like is paid at a Gas station."

Don Johnston


Cash Discounting Success Path

to win while assuring great customer experience

1. Set up

A dual pricing Payment Processing Terminal in your physical shop.

2. Onboard

Your customers on the new way. Without changing prices yet.

3. Scale

When customer are used to the dual pricing, you can include new products using the new pricing.

4. Measure Savings

Check how much money you have save to your business by implementing dual pricing.
You will be gladly surprised.

Get started in less than 48 Hours!


Calculate your savings

First select the Average Monthly Payment Processing and then select the % Cost of your current processing service.




Average saving of $1,055


$12.000 USD Every month

$144.000 USD per Year

By implementing a Dual Pricing / Cash Discount Program

This program is the Only
Compliant Automatic Credit Card Discount Program

  • Compliant with all Card Brand Rules.
  • No Pin Pad required.
  • EMV Chip Card Compatible 
  • 100% PCI Security Card Data Compliant
  • Apple Pay Compatible
  • Free Online Report


Cash Discount Program

to win while assuring great customer experience.

If something is not as you expected and you want to go back to traditional payment processing immediately. No questions asked.

Your customer's satisfaction is our priority.

Get started in less than 48 Hours!

90% of processing fees, gone.

by implementing Cash
Discount Program.