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Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Our POS system should be easy to set up and simple to use — that’s why we prefer the Clover line of products.

You’ll want a POS system with an intuitive interface to process sales quickly and keep lines moving while also growing alongside your business with essential tools, innovative applications, and customizable software. Training your cashiers and managers will now take minutes, not hours.

Managing inventory should be straightforward and painless. Any POS system that is confusing to learn or complicated to use will decrease employee AND guest satisfaction and will waste time that could be better spent focusing on what’s important — your business.

Clover Mini
Clover Mobile
Clover Station

Clover Mini runs on cloud-based software so you can access your business information wherever you are and as you grow, you can do even more with the business management apps from the growing App Market.

clover mini

Clover Mobile can be upgraded to do far more than just accept payments at the point of sale. It can also let you manage your business anywhere, at any time.

Clover Mobile Credit Card Processing Terminal

Clover Station is a product that’s custom-built for the needs of your business. From the fluid motion of the credit card swipe to the high-end finishes, it’s built to perform as well as it looks.



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