Our Commitment

At Data One, we’re dedicated to empowering all merchant processing partners and nonprofit organizations with top-notch customer experiences and straightforward payment solutions. Our mission is to elevate business efficiency through cutting-edge technology while making a positive impact on both businesses and the communities they serve

Vision Statement

Data One’s mission is to empower SMBs across the United States with the finest customer experiences and innovative, straightforward payment solutions. We are committed to enhancing business efficiency through robust technology and contributing positively to social causes, ensuring that our operations deliver substantial benefits to both communities and customers

Core Values

Excellence in Service

Consistently exceed expectations by delivering superior technology and services that make a meaningful difference in business operations.

Trust and Transparency

Build and maintain trust with clients, partners, and nonprofits through open communication and readily sharing vital information.

Innovative Collaboration

Foster a partnership-centric approach, leveraging teamwork to surpass customer expectations and drive the adoption of innovative technologies.

Community Commitment

Care for and invest in our community through purpose-driven partnerships, charitable contributions, and support for nonprofits that make a meaningful impact.

Forward-Thinking Solutions

Harness our innovative roots to deliver secure and efficient solutions, staying ahead of the curve by adapting swiftly to technological and market shifts.