Check/ACH Processing Programs

Data One offers safe and convenient Automated Clearing House (ACH), Check 21, and electronic check (eCheck) payment options for all types of merchants.

Whether you are an E-commerce Merchant that needs to accept Electronic Check Payments from your customers at checkout, or a MOTO (Mail Order – Telephone Order) merchant accepting check payments by telephone using a virtual terminal to enter your payments, Data One can help you achieve success in adding various electronic check payment options to collect payments for goods, services, memberships and more!

We offer Low Risk, Mid-Risk, and High-risk merchants the option of accepting payment by using ACH payment processing taken directly from the customers checking account. Easy to use, ACH is becoming one of the most popular additions to credit card acceptance as a form of payment.


  • Automatically debit your customers bank account by using the EFT – electronic Funds Transfer system operated through the Federal Reserve’s ACH or Automated Clearing House.
  • Automate future payments reduce costs of Invoicing and manual collections by using the ACH Gateway to automate repeat or recurring billing.
  • Reduce printing, postage and trips to the bank for deposits by eliminating paper checks.
  • Predict when payments will be made by scheduling automatic debit – better for business planning than waiting for a paper check to be sent from customers on time.
  • Expand your customer base by accepting payments online from customers that DO NOT have a credit or debit card but DO have a checking account.
  • Accept payment through your website’s storefront or by telephone using our Virtual Terminal – Safe, Secure and convenient.
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