No matter the size of your business, or the industry

Data One will support all your endeavors with cutting-edge technology, superior customer service, and creative professional solutions.

We provide merchant services to help business owners across a wide variety of industries reach the height of their profit potential and prepare for the commerce needs of tomorrow! 


Whether you are an auto dealer looking to offer long-term financing plans to prospective buyers, or an auto shop requiring multiple payment options for the variety of customers you serve.

Data One offers agile, sophisticated, omnichannel payment solutions that are guaranteed to support your automotive services.

B2B Payments

The best B2B system will save your business time, increase cash flow, bolster your security, and simplify your bookkeeping so that you can reinvest those savings into growing your business.

Data One understands what businesses need to continue their growth and serve their customers best. Let our B2B processing solutions take your venture to the next stage of its growth.


CBD is changing the lives of countless worldwide. That’s why we want CBD merchants to be able to run their business with ease and reduced overhead.

If you are a CBD merchant looking to build a robust and fluid payment processing solution for your enterprise- let Data One provide you the resources and expertise to further bolster your CBD business.


We are closing in on an exciting new era for the cannabis industry. Alongside calls for federal legalization, the cannabis industry is undergoing a rapid boom with an expectation for the sector to grow to a $30 billion valuation by 2025.

Data One understands the many intricate specificities of this particular venture and has the expertise and the technology to help merchants avert roadblocks and safely and efficiently implement a future-forward payment processing infrastructure for cannabis sales.


Convenience store payment processing must be built upon efficient, customer-forward transactions as stores must have the infrastructure to support a wide range of item sales such as snacks, drinks, alcohol, medication, meals, and other miscellaneous products. Therefore, as a convenience store, your payment processing solutions must be designed to support a “one-stop-shop” business. 

Data One offers omnichannel payment processing services designed to streamline and bolster convenience store sales, ensuring that your payment technology can keep up with the speed and variety of transactions of convenience store sales. 


From large-scale e-commercial platforms to the thriving community of small to mid-sized online businesses, the landscape of e-commerce has undergone a stunning renaissance over the previous decade, and this trend is only slated to continue its historic rise over the coming years. 

Data One offers a full slate of digital payment processing options to seamlessly integrate e-commerce into your business and ensure that you have the ability to expand your reach through the power of the web. 


Data One’s education payment processing solutions are specifically designed to help colleges, universities, trade and vocational schools, public schools, private schools, and a wide range of additional education centers facilitate their transitions with ease so they can focus on building the minds of tomorrow. 


Data One’s enterprise-focused payment processing solutions are designed to help financial institutions simplify their payments and execute well-crafted and modern payment strategies through a sophisticated, real-time platform.

For many financial institutions, legacy technology is holding them back from reaching the next tier of efficiency and profit. Data One’s modern enterprise financial solutions integrate top-line technology to remove friction and execute fast and precise payment processing solutions.

Food, Beverage, Hospitality

The hospitality industry is a highly competitive sphere that requires business owners to stay consistently up to date with new technologies. If you aren’t streamlining and modernizing your payment processing, you can be sure your competitors are.

Data One is here to assist restaurants, bars, and hospitality services bring their payment processing solutions up to the standards of today’s modern economy, and our technologies and services are guaranteed to help streamline your business while incentivizing and simplifying sales.

Gambling & Sports Betting

Data One is uniquely positioned to serve the precise needs of businesses operating within the gambling and sports betting spheres, and our knowledge, expertise, and technology will help professionals consolidate their overhead and facilitate their transactions so they can serve their audience best.

Government & Municipal

Our payment processing solutions will help government entities maximize their budgets, streamline their payments, and ultimately serve the public more efficiently and securely.

Data One is dedicated to providing the best in modern payment processing technology to government, state, and federal agencies across the United States.

Grocery Store

Grocery sales are one of the bedrocks of the economy, with millions of household shoppers looking to their trusted stores and supermarkets to receive staples for their homes.

Effective, seamless payment processing is a critical part of ensuring your grocery sales are smooth and dependable, allowing you to sell more household necessities, serve more customers, and expand your business.

Healthcare & Healthcare Services

Healthcare services require reliable, nimble omnichannel payment processing that can account for the variety of payment processing needs facing health professionals today.

Data One’s omnichannel payment platform is simple, secure, and convenient- easing the burden of healthcare management professionals and ensuring that healthcare providers can maintain their focus on providing the best care for as many patients as possible. 


Data One offers merchant accounts specifically designed to ensure compliance and support the efforts of nutraceutical companies.

Whether you are running your payment processing through your own website or a secondary e-commerce platform, Data One can bolster, streamline, and reduce your nutraceutical payment processing costs.

Nonprofits / 501c3

Data One understands that a nonprofit/501c3 needs the ability to garner as many donors as possible. Therefore you must be able to offer as many payment processing options as possible while ensuring the safety and security of each new patron.

Our omnichannel payment processing systems allow for a variety of payment processing options, helping you to grow your donor base to its maximum potential and rewarding your invaluable supporters with the convenience and ease of a multi-faceted payment processing system.


Pay-at-the-pump has become a competitive standard for gas stations which must be able to offer quick, convenient payment processing without ever requiring their customers to interact with an attendant to finalize services.

Data One’s omnichannel payment processing systems allow gas stations the flexibility, safety, and security to serve their customers and customize all functionality to meet the specificities of your station

Professional Services

Professional services exist in a wide array of industries such as legal consultation, accounting, advertisement and marketing, financial advisors, and more. These knowledge-based entities provide their services to customers and require a payment processing system to help leverage their insights into dependable profit.

Our all-in-one payment processing solutions help professional services world over simplify their payments, offer more payment options for more customers, and build robust and secure payment processing systems for the future of their business. 

Restaurant / Bar

Bar, restaurant, pub, and nightclub owners are tasked with handling large volumes of transactions that must be facilitated in multiple locations and by numerous employees. 

Data One offers a full suite of payment processing solutions designed specifically for bar/restaurant implementation, such as QR code payment processing, contactless payment, on-the-go payment processing, and more. 


With Data One, retailers today can turn their POS systems into an omnichannel payment processing system that can help you quickly, safely, and elegantly serve more customers.

Whether you require in-store, on the go, e-commerce, or additional specific retail payment processing solutions, Data One’s excerpts can help match you with the best technologies to suit your precise needs.

Software Vendors / ISV

The ISV market is growing at an astounding rate due to a variety of factors, most of all faster, more accessible, and cheaper cloud technology.

With the Data One ISV partner program, ISVs can utilize a partnership with one of the most trusted and successful payment processing companies in the world to open up a new lane of revenue and build stronger relationships with merchants worldwide.


Business owners in the transportation industry need modern, forward-thinking payment processing solutions to capitalize on the economic power of their industry.

If you are a business owner in the transportation industry looking for secure, effective, and modern payment processing solutions.

Let Data One help you reach the next tier of your business success. Data One offers merchant accounts engineered to serve the transportation industry’s immediate needs.