Data One's toolkits are designed to assist developers in streamlining and simplifying their deployment while ensuring that functionality is always held to the highest standard.

We utilize a number of specific resources to continually support developers, bolstering their work with simple, intuitive, and modern tools.




Data One Direct Connect allows terminal device manufacturers to pre-equip their products to work within the Data One platform and comes equipped with integration guides, relevant examples, and API documentation. 

  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Java 8+
  • .NET 5.1.0
  • PHP

Data One Customer Present Cloud is a transformative update on the EMV transaction system. The Data One Customer Present Cloud eliminates the need for burdensome software installation and driver maintenance by utilizing a browser-based POS. Now, EMV transactions can be executed and managed without SDKs, driver downloads, and additional software integration, as this system can be run on any browser on any OS without any set dependencies.

Data One’s mobile SDKs for Android and iOS devices utilize a mobile reader to enhance and streamline integrations for encrypted mobile card reader applications. Our iOS/Android SDKs also feature an end-to-end encryption library so merchants can transfer both swiped and keyed payment data without ever having to access sensitive data. 

With the Data One Payment Device SDK for both Windows and Linux, developers can now run software with multiple payment terminals while abstracting the complexities of terminal interaction to run more efficiently and effectively. 

 Our simple and clear emulators will guide you through integration into your own system and provide example server binaries.

For developers looking for the most straightforward integration, the Data One Payment API builds a simple, clean, and easily executable integration method for web- and non-web-based payment applications.

For merchants looking to integrate with complete feature shopping cart systems, Data One’s infrastructure helps developers immediately assimilate with over 100 third-party shopping carts, allowing you to simply and instantly utilize out-of-the-box turnkey shopping carts into your system. 

Collect.js builds access to a sophisticated pop-up form that securely sources relevant payment data and generates a corresponding token. Rather than using raw banking or credit card data from the customer, this token is utilized to facilitate payment through Data One’s existing system. As the pop-up form is a separate page hosted by the gateway, no payment data ever comes into contact with the merchant’s site, assisting merchants in successfully fulfilling PCI compliance and ensuring that the customer’s experience is simple, positive, and efficient.

Collect Checkout is a pre-developed checkout page that can be easily assimilated into the majority of web-based payment structures. The Data One Checkout is hosted entirely on our servers so that no payment data ever touches or contaminates your web environment, keeping you and your customers safe and ensuring a smooth flow of payment processing. 

Webhooks is a simple and powerful application that lets merchants receive real-time notifications of activity within their accounts. By working with our correlating Query API, which pulls relevant data from the system, Webhooks is able to send out that Data to you through dependable “push” functionality.

The Data One Query API works alongside the Webhooks API to source, download, and transmit a stream of pertinent payment and transaction data that can be utilized to build thorough and specialized analytic reports.

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