QR Code Payments

With the rise of contactless payment options, merchants today are required to efficiently and successfully interact with their customers without ever making physical contact.

Luckily, new technologies on the marketplace are making this necessity more achievable than ever. 

QR code payment processing has become a simple, elegant, and secure means for contactless engagement with your customers throughout every stage of the transaction. 

QR codes are squares of code that allow consumers the ability to access web content and payment portals through their mobile devices- creating a clean line of contactless communication between customer, vendor, and bank. 

Today, QR codes are rapidly supplanting cash and credit/debit cards as the primary form of payment for vendors within the United States and are achieving widespread global adoption throughout Europe and other regions of the world. 

Though simple and elegant, QR code payment is a sophisticated technology. To integrate it seamlessly into your business, you will need the infrastructure and expertise of leading payment processing companies. 

Data One has the technology and industry knowledge to help your business utilize the growing trend of contactless payment and QR Code payment processing for the success of your work. 

COVID-19 has fundamentally shifted the payment processing market in ways that are becoming more evident with each passing moment. Contactless payment is here to stay, and Data One can help your business integrate it into your model and keep you equipped for future changes and modernizations.