Bitcoin Payment Processing

Bitcoin Payment Processing 

The rise of bitcoin payments has created stunning new potential for businesses all over the world as cryptocurrency transactions have opened up new customer bases and more secure methods for doing business. 

But many merchants today are still unaware of how easy, fast, and simple accepting bitcoin payments can be. 

Through our powerful API, ecommerce plugins, payment buttons, and hosted checkouts- Data One’s bitcoin payment processing functionality will revolutionize, modernize, and transform your business for the future! 

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With Data One, merchants can now integrate bitcoin payment processing into their existing infrastructure safely, efficiently, and productively as they utilize this exciting new evolution of currency to the benefit of their business. 

From enhanced global compatibility to reduced costs and new customer acquisition, the benefits of accepting bitcoin into your business are nearly endless. 

And best of all- our bitcoin settlements are lighting fast- at instant or near instant speeds! 

Our Bitcoin Offerings

  • Reliable bitcoin rail for ecommerce businesses
  • Billing invoices that ensure simple and efficient bitcoin transaction tracking 
  • In-person bitcoin payment processing for your storefront
  • Bitcoin payouts and payrolls
  • Instant bitcoin settlements into local currency and fund transfers
  • Free conversion of settled funds.

We keep your bitcoin safe and secure and ensure that all transactions are complaint, regulated, and protected from fraud through advanced security measures such as two-factor authentication, IP whitelisting, and bitcoin withdrawal limits. 

Data One’s bitcoin payment processing functionality is simple, it's secure- and most importantly; it’s fast. 

Bitcoin payment processing at the speed of Data One.

It’s a new tomorrow for payments