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With the latest in payment processing and business solution technologies, we ensure that your customers can be served efficiently and securely while protecting your profit margins with every transaction.

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Our world is shifting ever-faster towards a new era for commerce.

To make the most of this opportunity, merchants can now utilize new flexible technologies, innovative solutions, and an omni-channel payment processing platform that capitalizes on the stunning new potentialities of tomorrow. 

Data One uniquely understands the landscape we are vaulting towards and has the infrastructure, personnel, and creativity to support you as you prepare and bolster your business for the needs of the future. 

With a complete line of resources for lending, payment processing, and other revenue-generating services alongside our top-of-the-line customer service, Data One is more than a merchant services provider- we are a steadfast partner for your forever growth and success.

Payment processing is the core of any merchant’s business

Ensuring that you have the infrastructure ready to serve your customers effectively while reducing fees is critical to protecting hard-earned profit margins. Data One understands that merchants today need the technologies, the platforms, and the professional expertise to build a payment processing infrastructure that supports their profits as well as their growth.

With every transaction, you have the opportunity to bolster your business further. Let Data One support you in building a payment processing system that is truly ready for tomorrow.  

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You can remove up to 99% of your processing fees with Our Cash Discount Program!

Do you accept credit cards but want to reduce your fees? Cash Discounting passes the cost of accepting credit cards to your customer. This type of processing is quickly becoming the most popular form of payment acceptance today and is a stunning opportunity for merchants to protect their hard-earned profit margins. 

Learn more about the Data One Cash Discount program. For a free statement review, quote or consultation, contact us at 800-818-0420 today!

Lower Rates & Fees

We offer the lowest rates possible to help you increase your profitability. In fact, 95% of business owners who receive our free rate review end up saving money.​

5,000+ Customers

We currently work with tens of thousands of business owners across the United States, each with a tailored payment solution that suits their unique needs.

Rated A+ with the BBB

Data One is your trusted and dependable partner for the future. Our reputation is the core of our work as we commit ourselves to diligently serving our clients.

Start accepting Bitcoin payments at the speed of now!

The rise of bitcoin payments has created stunning new potential for businesses all over the world as cryptocurrency transactions have opened up new customer bases and more secure methods for doing business. 

But many merchants today are still unaware of how easy, fast, and simple accepting bitcoin payments can be. 

Through our powerful API, eCommerce plugins, payment buttons, and hosted checkouts- Data One’s bitcoin payment processing functionality will revolutionize, modernize, and transform your business for the future! 

No matter the industry! Data One is your partner for the future

Data One’s merchant services help business owners across a wide variety of industries reach the height of their profit potential and prepare for the commerce needs of tomorrow. No matter what sector your work may be in. Data One is always engineering new and effective ways to meet the particulars of your business.

Create flexibility for your business with our business funding options!

The right business funding solution can open a whole new world of opportunity for your business. Whether you are looking to expand your services, buy out a partner, build a new service, or account for an unexpected expense- Data One offers a range of exciting and merchant-friendly payment options that will support your business’s ambitions and growth. 

Most loaning entities today look out for their own interests solely. But with Data One, your success is our success- from now and into the future. It’s a partnership that is guaranteed to assist you throughout the lifecycle of your work and an opportunity to meet whatever comes at your business with flexibility, stability, and dependability. 

Hear from our clients how we’ve
positively impacted their businesses!

Expert Guidance​

Our Data One experts are top of the line specialists who understand the many specificities and nuances of their sector. Our entire team is here for you! 

300 Apps & integrations​

We have the technology, the
tools, and the software to take your business to the next level! 

Amazing Support

You read that right! Whether you have a question at 3PM or  3AM, our U.S.-based support team is standing by to assist you.

Powerful and easy to use API & App Integrations

Data One’s toolkits are designed to assist developers in streamlining and simplifying their deployment while ensuring that functionality is always held to the highest standard. 

We utilize a number of specific resources to continually support developers, bolstering their work with simple, intuitive, and modern tools. 

Ready to grow?

Data One simplifies the process of growth for your business. Today, merchants, business owners, financial institutions, and government entities all around the world rely on Data One to deliver merchant processing solutions that help their customers thrive in an ever-changing world of commerce.

News & Updates

We are a pci-validated point-to-point encryption solution provider

P2PE payment solutions are the ‘gold standard’ for payment encryption, offering iron-clad protection against data breaches, lowering security risks for our clients while also simplifying their security assessments. Learn more about our latest PCI accreditation.