ACH Payments

Automatic clearing house (ACH) payment processing allows you to fulfill authorized payments from consumer or business checking accounts and provides your business the ability to set up a guaranteed and effective system for billing customers on a regular basis. 

Each year the ACH network moves over $40 trillion of value across 23 billion electronic financial institutions and is quickly becoming one of the most significant, safest, and most reliable payment processing structures in the world. 

Whether it's single payments, recurring payments, or B2B billing- Data One offers a full fleet of business solutions to serve all ACH needs for your business. 

By integrating a sophisticated interface and ACH processing technology from Data One, merchants can quickly, securely, and efficiently deduct accepted payments from their customer's accounts. 

Check and ACH Processing Benefits from Data One 

  • Automatically and safely debit customers through the Federal Reserve's ACH-operated Electronic Funds Transfer System (EFT).
  • Automate future payments and reduce costs of invoicing
  • Reduce trips to the banks as well as printing and postage costs 
  • Expand your customer base
  • Reduce instances of non-payment 
  • Enhanced cash flow 


Data One is here to help you build a modern and efficient ACH payment processing solution for your business and ensure that your customers can pay in precisely the means in which they are most comfortable. 


Speak to a Data One expert now. 

It's a new tomorrow for payments.