Loyalty / Rewards Programs

A loyalty rewards program offers specialized promotions and rewards to your repeat customers, incentivizing them to continue on as patrons of your business and ensuring that they are never swayed away by competitors. 


As many as 84% of customers report that they are more likely to stay consistent with a company that offers a rewards program, and these initiatives can also shift consumer behavior to increase revenue. 


Data One supports merchants and companies in designing, executing, and maintaining loyalty rewards programs, and our point of sale systems will ensure that all technical needs for your program are integrated seamlessly.

We integrate new blockchain-backed, contactless app-based technologies to efficiently collect and store reward points and allow customers enhanced conversion options such as cash, NFT, and cryptocurrency redemption. We also enable customers to redeem their points in the form of charitable contributions to their preferred social causes and foundations. 

Benefits of Data One Loyalty Program

  • Increased brand loyalty
  • Reduction in advertising costs
  • Places you on par with large scale companies who offer similar programs 
  • Cuts competition interference 
  • Blockchain security for rewards. 

Build your Loyalty Program with Data One

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