Cash Discount Program

The process is automatic, the savings are real, and the potential is limitless.

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If your business has a tight profit margin.
Dual Pricing could increase your profit!

How the Data One Cash Discount Program Works

1. Apply

Enrolling in the Data One dual pricing payment processing option is easy.

You only need to apply and you could be approved in as little as
48 hours.

2. Automate

Our software automatically applies the cash discount at checkout.

Leading to a seamless and efficient experience for the customer.

3. Save

You will be pleasantly surprised at how much money your business could save just by implementing dual pricing today.

Sit back, relax and count the SAVINGS!

Gas stations have been using this methodology for decades, and cash discounting is not only compliant with regulations but viewed in a far better light by customers than surcharging and other means of reducing credit card fees.

You can remove up to 99% of your processing fees with our fully compliant cash discount program!

Through our compliant software, the Data One Cash Discounting program automatically allows merchants to profit the same from credit card transactions as cash. 

This is achieved by creating two separate prices for your inventory dependent upon selected method of payment and offering an adjusted discount for cash paying customers. 

Now you can receive 100% of both credit card and cash payments

Get started in less than 48 Hours!

Know your numbers!

Calculate your savings below:

First select the “Average Monthly Payment Processing” and
then select the “% Cost” of your current processing service.

Data One Calculator

$10,000 / Per Month


Average savings of $1,055 / Per Month

Avoid costly fees, induce cash payments, and protect your profit margins no matter how your customers elect to pay.

Every merchant knows that credit card processing fees can be one of the most burdensome aspects of their business.

But now through verified providers like Data One, merchants have the ability to integrate a cash discount dual pricing program that can now profit the same from credit card transactions as you would from cash payments. 

Get started in less than 48 Hours!

Hear from our clients how we’ve
positively impacted their businesses!