Cash Discount Program

Dual pricing is no secret; it's a technique that has been used for decades by gas stations and other entities to avoid burdensome credit card processing fees and retain 100% of the cash price of their product, no matter how their customer elects to pay. 

It is both a tried and true principle- and a concept that will bring the payment processing systems of today to a fundamentally new level. 

With dual pricing, business owners can offer different pricing for products and services depending on how their customers elect to pay, rewarding customers for utilizing cash instead of non-cash tender and protecting their profit margins. 

Until now, POS systems have been unable to elegantly implement dual pricing techniques due to the unpredictability of pricing, especially for businesses with extensive SKUs and inventories. 

But today, Data One has integrated and built upon new technologies that will allow merchants to simply, cohesively, and beautifully build dual pricing systems and interfacing automatically and securely into their infrastructures.

The Data One Dual Pricing Advantage

  • Elegant, seamless POS systems that automatically and transparently provide pricing information to customers depending on how they elect to pay
  • A tried and tested means for incentivizing customers to pay with cash.
  • Protective measure to secure your business's hard-earned profit margins 
  • A flat rate percentage that automatically aligns with the difference between cash prices and credit card processing fees.

Dual pricing is a fundamental element of the payment processing industry. Now, with the Data One Dual Processing Advantage, we are forging new roads for merchants globally and bolstering measures for protecting your business. 

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It's a new tomorrow for payments.