Check Guarantee Solutions

Today, check acceptance remains an essential facet of a well-rounded payment processing program.

Check guarantee services allow your company to receive, process, and secure check payments. Ensuring that your check guarantee services are efficient, protected, and well-maintained means that your customers can continue paying for their goods and services via check with as little friction as possible. 

From eCheck to Check 21 payment processing, Data One offers a full slate of check guarantee services to continue the flow of sales as you protect both your business, your customer, and the ways they choose to pay. 

eCheck Payments

eCheck payments allow your customers to provide a debit payment for eCommerce or bill paying through your company’s website or a secondary payment gateway, opening the flow of payment options for the consumer and building a multi-faceted system for accepting payments.

This method can be particularly ideal for businesses selling products online, as it allows customers the safety and security of check paying through the convenience of an online infrastructure.

Check 21

Data One’s Check 21 payment processing allows customers to record a check image and then electronically transmit that information in lieu of its physical receipt.

With Check 21, banks can capture critical processing information from both the front and back of a physical check and use those reproductions to clear payment. This allows and incentives avenues for safer and faster check processing for your customers.