Gift Card Programs

Electronic gift cards are a tried and true method for promoting services and products while increasing customer engagement. 

Gift cards are the largest selling product for over 80% of the top 100 retailers in the United States and are a critical product to include in your offerings. 

Further, on average 10-15% of gift cards go unredeemed, making these programs self-sustainable and profit-boosting. 

To assist merchants and businesses install these programs, Data One has engineered a full-service gift card program with a network of PCI-DSS compliant technologies that ensures functionality, ease of use, and security. 

Gift Card Features: 

  • High-end technology, interfaces, and redundancy/backup features
  • Live transactions with dollar amounts and point balances displayed on-terminal in real-time
  • 24/7 merchant support
  • Web-based real-time reports and additional monthly processing reports
    Enhanced customization options

Gift card programs enhance your marketing endeavors, increase profitability, and can result in a slate of secondary results such as a reduction in shoplifting or enhancing your business’s professional image. 

Build your Gift Card Program with Data One 

It’s a new tomorrow for payments