If you own a bar or nightclub in Birmingham, Alabama, you know that many nights can be fast-paced and crowded, with your bartenders and servers racing to keep up. The right point-of-sale (POS) system can handle customer expectations plus stay on top of your back office duties.

Data One, a leading merchant services provider, is experienced in matching POS systems to the unique needs of your industry. Call us today at (800) 818-0420 for a customized POS system for your busy Birmingham bar or nightclub.

Best Point-of-Sale System for Bars and Nightclubs in Birmingham

Want to increase profits at your Birmingham bar or nightclub? The best POS system will make your operation more streamlined and efficient.

Need to split or move a tab? Data’s One’s POS systems make it easy. Eliminate unpaid tabs by pre authorizing credit cards. Plus quickly update pricing for daily happy hour and drink specials.

Your POS system hardware for your Birmingham bar or restaurant may include handheld devices, tablets or terminals and credit card readers.Cloud-based software will enable you to analyze sales, track inventory and schedule employees from anywhere.

With Data One’s intuitive POS systems for Birmingham bars and nightclubs, the learning curve for you and your employees is minimal. Your staff can spend more time processing orders and payments and less time being frustrated with the system.

Security Features and 24/7 Support

When your primary business is serving alcohol, it helps to take some extra precautions. While Data’s One POS systems for bars and nightclubs in Birmingham operate on a secure and encrypted channel, some available features can give you additional peace of mind.

Some POS systems have extra security measures to allow custom permissions to be set based on staff roles. This means only designated staff can perform actions that you have approved.

You can set reminders for staff to check IDs. Many POS systems also integrate with video surveillance systems.

When it comes to support, Data One is available 24/7, to keep business disruptions at your bar or nightclub in Birmingham to a minimum.

Get started with Data One’s Point-of-Sale Systems today!

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