If you own a convenience store in Birmingham, Alabama, a promise is built into your name. Convenience. This means being open and available to customers for a late-night milk run. It also means providing payment options that are convenient for your customers and how they prefer to pay.

Data One is a leading merchant services provider that offers credit and debit card processing and point of sale (POS) systems for small businesses in Birmingham. Competitively priced services that enable your convenience store to process sales quickly and securely while keeping lines moving.

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Secure and Reliable Merchant Services in Birmingham, Alabama

As a high-volume business, your Birmingham convenience store transactions need to be fast and reliable. No one likes to wait in a long line to pay for few items. All of Data One’s systems accept swipe, EMV chip cards and contactless payments including Apple Pay. These transactions are processed through a secure, encrypted channel.

Your Birmingham-area customers will appreciate the speed and security this system affords them. Your employees will appreciate a POS system that is easy to use and has an intuitive interface. Training your cashiers and managers will now take minutes, not hours.

Systems Customized for Your Birmingham Convenience Store

What good is a system if it’s too complicated to use? Our credit card terminals are the among the most popular and user-friendly brand on the market. They are also equipped with the latest technology.

Our POS systems provide essential tools, innovative applications and customizable software. That should make managing your store’s inventory straightforward and painless. That decreases employee frustration and increases satisfaction among your Birmingham-area customers.

If an issue arises at your Birmingham convenience store, Data One’s responsive customer service team is available to help you quickly resolve your issues 24/7. We know time is money and we aim to exceed expectations.

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