Quick service restaurants (QSR) or fast-food restaurants in Birmingham, Alabama have a promise in their name: speed. Hungry customers expect their food to be hot and their transactions to be lightning fast.

A nimble and powerful point-of-sale (POS) system for your Birmingham QSR can keep lines moving and your business flourishing. Data One, a leading merchant services provider of POS systems, can help you deliver outstanding guest service, control costs and increase profits.

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What to look for in a Birmingham Quick-Service POS System

If you are an owner of a fast-food restaurant in Birmingham, you’ll want a POS system that offers front-of-house and back-of-house solutions.

The best POS system for your Birmingham, Alabama QSR should have several features:

Finally, the right POS system has employee management tools to help prevent over and under staffing. You can also help track hours for workforce regulation compliance for the teenage employees of your Birmingham fast food restaurant.

Leading QSR POS Systems and Support

Not all fast casual restaurants are created equal nor are their needs uniform. As a Birmingham QSR owner, you may need a self-service kiosk or a compact POS system.

Data One offers some of the leading POS systems geared to fast food restaurants including Lightspeed and Touch Bistro. But just because they’re well-known, doesn’t mean they’re unaffordable.

Data One’s POS system for Birmingham, Alabama fast food restaurant has a simple and intuitive interface, which minimizes training time for you and your staff. If you need to troubleshoot an issue, our customer service team is there for you, 24/7.

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