As a restaurant owner in Birmingham, you need credit card processing services that are reliable, easy to use and efficient to keep up with the fast pace of your business.

Data One is a leading merchant services provider that offers credit and debit card processing and point-of-sale (POS) systems for restaurants in Birmingham. Our services are competitively priced and enable your restaurant to process sales quickly and securely while keeping tables turning and customers satisfied.

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Secure and Reliable Credit Card Services for Restaurants

The pandemic forced many restaurants in Birmingham to adapt to survive, offering both online ordering and in-person dining. Data One offers the tools for seamless and secure credit and debit transactions for both.

While Data One is an established and professional provider, that doesn’t mean we’re expensive. Our pricing is fair and transparent with no surprises. If you should encounter an issue, we provide responsive customer service to minimize business disruption.

All of Data One’s systems accept swipe, EMV chip cards and contactless payments including Apple Pay. These transactions are processed through a secure, encrypted channel.

Systems Customized for Your Birmingham Restaurant

Choosing the credit card processing terminal that best fits your Birmingham restaurant can help you cut costs and increase profits.

Data One offers intuitive countertop POS systems, standalone terminals and wireless solutions that allow patrons to pay at the table, adding convenience and peace of mind. These tools can be customized, enabling you to split tabs, customize receipts and record cash sales. They allow customers to dip (EMV chip), swipe (MSR) or tap (NFC).

Online payment gateways for takeout, products and other services enable customers to pay on your website or pay for an order over the phone.

While there are many credit card terminals on the market, we provide some of the most popular and easiest to use. They are equipped with the latest technology and represent the overall best value.

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