All restaurants in Birmingham, Alabama can benefit from an advanced and secure point-of-sale (POS) system to help manage and grow their business. The question is, which one?

You’ll want a POS system that is customized to the needs and flow of your Birmingham, Alabama restaurant. Data One, a leading merchant services provider of credit card processing and POS systems, can give you the right equipment and support to get started.

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Best Point-of-Sale System for Restaurants in Birmingham

What good is a POS system for your fast-paced Birmingham restaurant if it’s not reliable and easy-to-use? Data One’s POS system has a simple and intuitive interface that takes minutes, not hours to learn.

Data One’s POS system for your Birmingham restaurant helps tackle common tasks that can be time-consuming, like splitting customer checks. Your bartenders can also pre-authorize bar tabs allowing a seamless transition from bar to table.

Managing and scheduling the employees of your Birmingham restaurant will be a breeze. You can also track and manage inventory and accept online and mobile orders.

The best POS system for your Birmingham restaurant enables quicker turnaround times, an improved guest experience and a more efficient operation. That results in an improved bottom line.

Support for Your Point-of-Sale System

Some merchant services companies deliver your POS system without on-site training. What good is a system without support?

Support is one of the advantages of partnering with Data One. We provide in-person training at your Birmingham restaurant to ensure that you and your staff can successfully understand and operate the system.

You don’t have to be a large restaurant to get that level of service. Data One provides systems and support to all Birmingham restaurants from high-end full-service restaurants to neighborhood delivery and take out pizza shops.

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